Become Smarter
Per Square Foot

Whether it is gaining insight into energy efficiency,
managing compliance initiatives, or optimizing asset
performance, Orion™ allows you to make smarter, more
informed decisions across your portfolio.

Reduce Cost &
Carbon Footprint

Stay ahead of carbon emission reduction targets, manage utility costs, gauge effectiveness of initiatives, and realize energy savings across your entire portfolio with a single platform.

Optimize System Operation

Automate control strategies to upgrade existing building systems, reduce utility consumption, and extend asset lifecycles.

Perform Measurement & Verification

Quantify performance and energy savings delivered by an energy efficiency measure (EEM) through in-depth analyses of pre-installation and post-installation data.

Automate Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Identify faults, failures, inefficiencies, and anomalies in the performance of critical assets across your portfolio through an intuitive monitoring, detection, and early warning system (EWS).

Modernize Compliance

Adopt a proactive approach to compliance by digitizing pertinent performance data required by local jurisdictions, stakeholders, and other governing entities.