Become Healthier
Per Square Foot

By bridging real-time data with automation, Orion™ assists you in creating resilient, healthy, and sustainable living spaces and workplaces.

Execute ESG Initiatives

Analyze and report on asset performance and entity-level goals as they relate to ESG initiatives to prove impact and showcase achievements.

Enhance Occupant Health & Safety

Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of building systems and the subsequent impact on occupants within the indoor environment by monitoring critical indoor environmental quality (IEQ) parameters in real time.

Increase Occupant Retention

Improve occupant satisfaction and retention by promoting IEQ initiatives, performance, achievements, and certifications.

Raise Asset Value

Boost marketability with a solution that simultaneously enhances the occupant experience and identifies new revenue streams through different measures, such as open automated demand response (OpenADR).

Streamline Green Building Certification

Fast-track green building certification with a solution that offers direct crosswalks with some of the key standards, including RESET®, LEED®, WELL™, and Fitwel®.