Introducing Orion™

Orion™ works in conjunction with the TBL Node to
upgrade existing building systems. Through data
analytics and intelligent automation, Orion™ provides
real-time insight into asset performance and generates
measurable results through asset optimization.

Why It

Our analytics engine and proprietary
process optimizes asset performance by
taking a prescriptive operation and
transforming it into an intelligent one.

Easy Deployment

Highly scalable, lightweight solution that can be deployed across portfolios seeking to standardize the operation of their building systems.

Integrated IoT Ecosystem

Eliminates asset silos and creates a streamlined approach to data visualization and analysis through a connected sensor network.

Universally Compatible

Supports robust communication protocols that provide the flexibility and adaptability to accommodate a full spectrum of sensor suites and asset classes.

Activated Intelligence

Equipped with predictive analytics and intelligent automation that continuously monitors and optimizes system operation.


Phase 1


Understand your building’s infrastructure by installing the TBL Node and integrating it with virtually any new or existing system.

The TBL Node supports a wide
range of:

  • Communication protocols, including LoRaWAN®, Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, and BACnet IP.
  • Connectivity methods, including Wi-Fi, BACnet IP, Ethernet, and 4G LTE.
  • Analog and digital I/O signals.

Phase 2


After the TBL Node establishes a data pipeline, real-time analysis on Orion™ provides a means for growth and evolution of the building ecosystem beyond a design drawing or spreadsheet.

Phase 3


Once specific and measurable goals are defined, Orion™ will assist you in implementing smart, performance-based control strategies in place of fixed, prescriptive control strategies.

Phase 4


Utilize Orion™ to visualize the impact of strategies as they are implemented. This form of real-time measurement and verification (M&V) allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and realize energy savings. As our analytics engine continues to understand occupant schedules and activity, these strategies will adapt over time so that your building systems are running efficiently and effectively every minute of the day.